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Gutter Cleaning

As a home or business owner, you might think, why should I clean out my gutters? Cleaning out your gutters is critical to avoid irreversible, foundational damage to the structural integrity of your residential or commercial property. If your gutters become clogged, they have the capability to cause destructive flooding to occur everywhere from your basement, to your driveway, and can even bring peril to your landscaping, which could cost you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. The moisture can also attract pests that could damage your home and spread disease.

With this in mind, however, roof and gutter cleaning isn’t exactly the simplest of jobs, and if not done with the appropriate experience, knowledge, and tools, it can be dangerous both to you and your property. There have been tens of thousands of hospital visits each year due to ladder-related injuries, and there is also the risk of structural damage that applies whenever you plan to DIY your way in cleaning your gutter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to gutter cleaning services, packages typically include cleaning out leaves and debris that could be clogging your gutters, and then flushing the entirety of your gutter system. We also include gutter fastener inspection and repair, as well as downspout cleaning. Any and all debris our team of professionals can see need to be cleared from the downspout prior to cleaning. A professional gutter cleaning service, like ours here at Emerson Gutters will also clear your property from the collected debris.

We recommend that you clean your gutters at least once a year around the fall or spring seasons. However, this does vary depending on the location and the number of trees surrounding your commercial or residential property. These aforementioned factors are important when determining the frequency of your gutter cleaning, since properties with more trees in closer proximity to their gutters tend to get dirty faster.

Gutter cleaning services generally cost a couple hundred dollars per service on average. Some companies charge flat fees and require on-site estimates, while other contractors charge based on the linear feet of your gutter, as well as the type of property you have. For properties with two stories and higher, it is expected that the charges are higher compared to single-story homes.

Gutter Cleaning

The most important seasons to clean
your gutters


Aptly named for the dropping leaves and debris that accompany it, is traditionally the most critical season for cleaning the gutters. Although the leaves can add to the appearance of the house, their weight may cause significant harm, so they must be cleaned out on a regular basis.

Late Spring

Clogging and overflows are common during the rainy season, and if not handled, they can lead to serious issues such as flooding, mold, and water damage. Keep an eye out for leaks that need to be repaired as well!


Ice and snow have the capability of weighing down or even cracking your gutters, especially in areas with higher elevation and wetter winters.

If any of the following things are currently happening to your property, then it’s high time for your to reconsider cleaning your gutters:

  • Your gutters became a habitat for animals
  • You know the chirping is coming from a family of birds living in your gutter, not your tree
  • Plants or mold are starting to grow its way on or around your gutters
  • Even if it’s already done raining, it still seems as if it is… not from the sky but your overflowing gutter
  • The metal of your gutter seems to become bent and saggy from holding so much weight
  • You have a leaky roof. Believe it or not, your gutters may be your culprit.
Gutter Specialists

Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

Cleaning out the leaves, sticks, and debris on a ladder takes time, is difficult, and can even be dangerous, particularly if you live in a multi-story house, and you aren’t backed up with the proper tools and experience to clean your gutters on your own. We aren’t all cut out to be experienced gutter cleaners, and that’s fine.

The best gutter cleaner is someone who is a professional gutter cleaner; that goes without saying. Our team of reliable, highly-trained, and versatile gutter cleaning experts can clean your gutters and downspouts safety and thoroughly, taking this chore off both your to-do list and your mind.

Emerson Gutters offers cutting-edge cleaning services. Physical, in-person calculations, payments left under the doormat, and spotty lawn care service are all things of the past. Simply enter your address, and we will produce a customized blueprint of your yard using a combination of high-resolution satellite imagery, machine learning, and human review – all in under ten minutes and without ever setting foot on your house.

From there, you are at liberty to book your gutter cleaning services, and with just a few clicks, we will match you up with our skilled gutter cleaning professionals to come to your area and complete the work. You can rest assured that everything is coordinated from your smartphone or web browser, and the entire experience is streamlined, meticulous, and superb.

Affordable Gutter Cleaning and Lawn Care

Here at Emerson Gutters, we have made it our mission to provide budget-friendly yard and gutter cleaning services without compromising the quality of our work. Payment and scheduling to your professional gutter cleaning technician is automated, and you can do everything from the comfort of your phone or web browser. If you are on the lookout for affordable gutter cleaning and lawn care services, you won’t have to look any further; we at Emerson Gutters are your go-to! We tailor our lawn care and gutter cleaning services and plans to fit every kind of budget.

Come see what the best lawn care and gutter cleaning service of the future looks like. Let us handle it for you by giving us a ring at 469-414-9195 .

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Don’t worry, we are here for you. Emerson Gutters is your reliable partner for first-class residential and commercial gutter services throughout the Dallas area. Just give us a ring at 469-414-9195  now and schedule your appointment!


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