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Gutter Guards

Gutter guards

are an excellent way to prevent clogs in your gutter system created by leaves or other debris. There are many styles to choose from, and they can save you a lot of money in the long run because you won’t have to pay for gutter cleaning as often once they’re installed.
Emerson Gutters is your ultimate ally in Dallas for high-quality gutter guard repair and installation. Whenever you are on the lookout for a residential gutter specialist, then you don’t have to look any further! As the premier roofing and gutter contractors in Dallas, we have the experience, knowledge, and proper training to identify problems like clogged gutters, and provide solutions, such as gutter guard installation. We can also check the current condition of your roof and gutter system and check them for any sign of leaks, sagging, or aging. Are you having problems with your rain gutters? Allow us to come to your Dallas home to assess the current state of your system and identify areas for improvement. Emerson Gutters use only high-quality materials, so you can rely on our work for many years to come. From new construction and replacement of gutters to gutter guard installation and gutter cleaning, we can improve the state of your gutters in your residential and commercial property with our versatile suite of services.

Emerson Gutters

Gutter Guard Installation & Repair In Dallas, TX

Gutter Guards

Basic Types of Leaf Guards

Leaf guards are mounted over or within gutters to prevent debris, especially large leaves, from clogging the gutter pipes. Since cleaning gutters is such an unpleasant task, you’ve probably begun to wonder how well a leaf guard can do in reducing your workload and making the gutters much more efficient. Although leaf guards have the ability to keep some of the large debris that may clog your gutters such as leaves and twigs, they still require maintenance and cleaning along with your gutters. These types are completely closed on top but have a curved tip that causes water to drop down into the gutter, while leaves and debris end up falling to the ground below.

These leaf guards are fantastic for getting rid of just leaves, but they can be highly ineffective in heavy rain. Light and medium-light rainstorms won’t be a problem, but heavy rainfalls to the ground rather than just going straight to the gutters.

Mesh Screen Cover

Mesh covers are just what their name means. You can add a covering over the top of your gutter that will prevent larger objects from passing through while also allowing rain to pass through. Certain forms are superior to others, but this is mostly dependent on what you have available in your home.

Bottle Brush/Bristle

Small bristles are installed through the gutters which are designed to keep large debris out of them while allowing for an easier flow of water. Unfortunately though, they have the tendency to be clogged fairly easily.


This kind of leaf guards work very well for leaves and snow in the winter seasons, although they can be pricier depending on the style you get.

Foam Type

Foam leaf guards have the ability to fit inside your gutters and prevent large debris from getting inside. They are designed to allow water through around the foam guard but aren’t always effective when it comes to heavy rain and particularly large downpours.

While there are a few types of guards that can help with these kinds of situations, they are generally cost prohibitive, so we don’t recommend them as much. We have never ran across a gutter guard that did not require any cleaning under and that includes gutter helmets.

Emerson Gutters

What We Do

When you’re thinking of starting home improvements in the Dallas area, it is in your best interest to find a licensed, insured, and reputable contractor. Here at Emerson Gutters, we have built a stellar reputation with our very professional approach towards any kind of gutter service. We also back all of our work with an industry-leading warranty so you can count on us in the long run.

If you have taken an interest in protecting your gutters, we can install gutter guards for you, which can prevent them from getting clogged and causing more extensive repairs and costly problems down the road. No matter what aesthetic you’re going for, we have an assortment of gutter guards so we can match your décor seamlessly. We have a variety of materials to choose from, starting with copper, PVC, steel, and seamless aluminum. And, in addition to gutter guards, we also provide other services.

Gutter Installation

Trust the Experts

As your dependable neighbor in Dallas, we have made it our mission to help improve your home and our community as a whole. We know that solving your gutter problems could be overwhelming or confusing without the right knowledge, but here at Emerson Gutters , we aim to make that process simple and straightforward for your benefit every step of the way. Just give us a ring at 469-414-9195 . and we will be there with you to assist all of your concerns!

Looking for a Reliable Gutter Experts?

Don’t worry, we are here for you. Emerson Gutters is your reliable partner for first-class residential and commercial gutter services throughout the Dallas area. Just give us a ring at 469-414-9195  now and schedule your appointment!


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